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Tutorial screenshot

I put my computing skills to the test this morning. I have managed to update the Tutorials page and make some cute little mosaics with text thanks to picmonkey. There is no before shot of the tutorial page, as the whole lot was rather lack luster I'm afraid! I have also worked out how to use the 'pages' links below the blog header more effectively. Now they take you straight to the page, for instance straight to my Shop, rather than to a separate page on the blog that you need to click on once more to get you to the shop. This is probably not nearly as interesting or as exciting for anyone else as it is for me. But it has been something that has been bugging me. (If you are interested, you use the html of the linked word as your page header.) Now, if only I could work out why the spacing between the page text has gone awry...


Also, have you seen Pip's blog school? The inspiration for this little bit of blog fixing.
I think these woven labels would be the perfect addition to a hand knit sweater as well as embroidery.
These watercolour portraits are a wonderful and clever idea.
If you are in Brisbane make haste! There are only two days left until the Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado closes.
This Tomato Jam from Food in Jars is on my to do list.
And, thank you all so much for the kind words about the ornament tutorial! You are all so sweet and make me feel special indeed.

Here's to a wonderful weekend.

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