One week on...

Christina post retina surgery 2013

It has been a week since retinal displacement surgery on my right eye. Everything is still a blur. My eye throbs, waters, and has lost focus. My left eye sight is partially veiled by a grey curtain, beneath which it looks like Vaseline has been smeared, this is a result of the retinal detachment (yet to be operated on). My right eye remains sensitive to light, blood shot, and swollen. I've spent a week in bed while the world went on without me. I've been listening to audio books and pod casts, but I still feel at a loss, as I cannot read or craft. It will be some weeks before I can again. Tomorrow I have my second check up at the hospital, and the second surgery should booked then also.

Thank goodness for family, friends, and audio books (Fiona had to type this for me).

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