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I was bending down, peering at a shape on the ground this afternoon, trying to get my eyes to focus on it. I couldn't work out if it was a piece of rope, a stick or a small snake. Of course, it was a snake, as my friend pointed out to me. Poor eyes. They still can't focus on anything that isn't a foot from my face. Thankfully I didn't get that close to the snake, though it did turn out to be nonvenomous.

There has been a lot of pottering and knitting in these parts of late, as my eye recovers from the surgery. I feel like I am banging on about it, but it is a major factor in my days at the moment. It's three weeks today, with an expected recovery time of six weeks (with surgery in my other eye to follow.) The days are filled with our usual rhythm of playing, cleaning, washing, cooking. Only, everything takes a little longer when you can't see it properly. I am also unable to drive or tolerate sunlight. So the children and I have been spending most of our days inside, with the occasional outing with a sympathetic family member. Dear friends have been coming to visit too - some kindly hanging out my washing while they're here.

Of course, there have been moments of cabin fever - for children and mother alike. Surely it would be worse were I not the homebody that I am. However, once you are told you can't drive each idea you have involves driving. To keep Cohen entertained we brought him a pair of goldfish, which he has named Butter and Deshaw. He is fascinated by them. The placement of the fish tank with regards to the power point required some furniture rearrangement. His Ikea bookcase fell apart in the process, for the last time. Rather than replace it with another $50 chipboard bookcase I looked on ebay and was incredibly pleased when I won the above book case for $20. Sturdy, white painted pine, this vintage book case is home made and a little rough around the edges. Perfect for a four year olds collection of books and toys.

I think there will be a few more items rearranged and projects tackled while we spend our days at home.

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