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I admitted to myself recently that it would not in fact be possible to finish the Camilla blanket in time for Emerson's first birthday - which is the 27th of this month - without giving up my mothering and household responsibilities. (I thought of suggesting the above to my husband, in lieu of a Valentine's present, then thought the better of it. Dave briefly took over from me after my surgery and he is still recovering.) Once I accepted that it would not be done in time I decided to make the blanket bigger than initially intended. I purchased an additional 400 grams of wool. Doubling my blanket budget (which I have 'forgotten' to inform my husband) and well and truly ensuring that it will not be finished in time. 

I like the idea of a bigger blanket though. All that knitting. I don't want her to out grow it too quickly. The pattern required 6.5 mm circular needles, though I had 7 mm on hand. This increased the width of the blanket from 30 inches to 35 inches. By the time I've stitched up all 800 grams of wool I believe the blanket will be big enough to make the move from cot, to toddler bed, to single bed with Emerson. I am determined to finish the blanket before beginning any new projects, lest it hover in limbo like another blanket I have known that will one day be completed... Will endeavor not to bore you too much with it in the meantime. Promise.

Reading is still limited while my eye heals. I've mostly been reading blogs and commenting occasionally. I read far more blogs than I comment on. Something I intend to rectify once my eyesight improves. Do you read more often than you comment?

What are you knitting and reading?


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