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Stitch: I seriously love these knitted poufs. I think Cohen and Emerson would too. Practical and fun. There is a tutorial on the Pickles blog, which also features lots of other stitchy goodness. (Like this knitted zig-zag-spread, or this Cabled cradle spread.)

Read: I am a sucker for list of books. Be it The 100 greatest novels of all time (I've only read twenty one of them), or 10 Aussie books to read before you die (I've read five), I love to see what has made the cut, which I've read and which I might like to read. So I was interested when I stumbled across the top 20 Vintage Classics of 2012. I have read seven of them. How about you?

Covet: I've heard that the rule for buying a great gift is to make sure you are buying what they want and not what you want. This is not the case with my twin sister. Instead, I buy her what I want and know she will love it. Our tastes are just so similar. Unfortunately, that means I have been coveting the Geometric Deer brooch I brought her for her (our) birthday. I'd happily settle for the Harlequin Bear though...

Blog: I have recently been reading and enjoying the lovely blog, Mother Down Under. It's written by Caitlin, an American Mother in Australia, who lives in a mindful and sustainable manner. I also follow her facebook page, and a recent post got me thinking about the chemicals in cosmetics. Despite trying to rid my home of as many chemicals as possible, I realised I hadn't given any real thought to the composition of my make up. The New York Times article that Caitlin referred to certainly made me think. I thought the days of lead in make up were long gone, but apparently not. Needless to say as the items in my bathroom cabinet get used up I will be endeavoring to replace them with products containing fewer and safer ingredients. (Sarah Wilson has a list of toxin-free cosmetics here.)


This post has not been sponsored in any way. The above are genuine items/people/blogs that I am loving.

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