Stitch. Read. Covet. Blog.

Stitch: I could certainly be very happy wandering around my wooden floors in a pair of these socks come Winter. Whether or not the pattern would be too much for me is another matter entirely. But I do believe they are beautiful, beautiful socks.

Read: This looks like a fabulous new read. Blogger and baker extraordinaire Lorraine Elliott explores food, blogging and happiness in this new release. What more could a girl ask for? Congratulations to Lorraine!

Covet: I can see this brooch on my new navy velveteen blazer. I really can. I may just have brought it before I publish this post... There are others in Evie's store however, if like me, you see yourself sporting a cheeky hand painted face on your coat this winter. (Check out her super sweet tooth fairy pouches while you are there!)

Blog: Megan is the kind hearted blogger behind 'The Byron Life.' Journalist by day, Mama, crafter and simple living advocate always, Megan's blog is a delight and an inspiration. Her current series about North Coast Bloggers will have you settling in with a cuppa as you are introduced to some truly gifted, creative women.


So dear readers, what have you been stitching, reading, coveting or blog-loving lately? Leave a comment below so we can share in the goodness.

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