Stitch. Read. Covet. Blog.

I'm running a little late today after a late night last night, early morning soccer-mothering and a day spent with my family. Today though I am celebrate bloggers and the insight, skills and inspiration they have to offer.

Stitch: Oh my. I just love these stitched rope baskets. They have made their way to the top of my to make list. So many possibilities. Yet another wonderful the read thread tutorial. The paper patchwork art and coil bowls are also fantastic. This entire blog is a visual feast and a constant surprise.

Read: If, like myself, you are interested in simple living, a move towards self sufficiency, making your own laundry liquid and growing your own vegetables, Rhonda Hetzel's book will long be a valuable reference in your library. Written with a gentle, Grandmotherly tone, Rhonda imparts her wisdom in an inspiring and achievable way. My Stitch. Read. Covet. Blog. series would hardly be complete if I did not include this volume. Rhonda's blog is also a beacon of simple living advice and inspiration.

Covet: Two of my long time favourite bloggers, Paravent and Belinda Marshall, are currently on the other side of the world, undertaking Camilla Engman's ACE Camp. What's not to covet about six days in a studio learning with a wonderful artist, in Gothenburg, Sweeden?! After contributing to Belinda's successful Pozzible campaign, I am closely following the instagram feeds of both these lovely ladies and living vicariously though them. Though I am not at point in my life where I could hop on a plane and undertake such an experience, it is a joy to have them share their travels with us. To find out more check out their blogs and follow their instagram feeds - @paravent and @belindajmarshall

Blog: Many crafters would need no introduction to Yardage Design, or the lovely Nic, designer and print maker behind the label. I've admired (and been purchasing from) Nic for a few years now. There is nothing quite like hand printed linen! This week I was fortunate enough to meet her in person, at Thea and Sami's morning tea. It reminded me again of all the wonderful things that blogging has brought in to my life. Nicole's blog and instagram feed (@yardagedesign) are creative journals of her work, loves and travels, and will have you itching to try your hand at screen printing, have you dusting off your sewing machine, or investing in a macro lens.


So dear readers, what have you been stitching, reading, coveting or blog-loving lately? Leave a comment below so we can share in the goodness.

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