You are my cup of tea

Tea cup studs in progress, to keep the tea pot brooch company.#handmadejewellery #teacups #earrings
Work in progress (while the children napped). Do you think I should do a cut out in the middle of it, or leave it plain? Or make one of each? And what to cut out? A flower, a bird, a pattern? :) #adviceplease #teapotbrooch #handmadejewellery

Black loose leaf tea lures me out of my warm bed each morning. The kettle is my first priority of the day. All else may wait until I'm sipping a cup of tea. How welcome that first cup is. (And the second.) The end of the day finds me with a cup of peppermint tea in hand. It's a well loved ritual and one that has inspired these two works in progress - tea cup earrings and a tea pot brooch. They will be making their way in to the shop soon.

First though, they need names. 
Any suggestions my dears?

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