Isolation, Inspiration Bombs and Morning Tea

Working from home, with two children and a black cat for company, it's easy to have moments where I feel detached from the creative community and isolated from the jewellery industry that I worked in for so many years. While I am lucky enough to be able to work in my ugg boots and make Lego with my four year old each day, children and cats do not give good business advice. Even with the support and conversation of social media, there are times when I miss having another adult to bounce creative ideas off, or discuss business practicalities. Instead, everything is up to me. Each decision is mine. Each success or failure is mine. Concepts which are at once liberating and depressing. 

I have stumbled across a few ways to combat that sense of isolation. My friends and family become unwitting third parties to my small business - their advice sought with regards to design, packaging and supplier conflicts. I surround myself with positive creative examples. Books, blogs, podcasts - listening to other creative people talk about their creative work and themselves helps me feel a part of the broader community of makers and inspires me keep going when the bolts of inspiration make way for the hard work. Most recently I discovered Clare Bowditch's Big Hearted Business 'Inspiration Bombs'. They are clever and charming little films which feature artists and illustrators at work, while engaging interviews with other creative spirits are laid in audio over the top. The term 'Inspiration Bomb' really does sum them up nicely. They are visually and intellectually nourishing to the creative spirit. I signed up to receive the free weekly Inspiration Bombs newsletter and smile each time one pops up in my email.

I have also brought a ticket to the Big Hearted Business Morning Tea in Brisbane on the 17th of August. I'm really looking forward to it. Are you coming? Say Hi if you do!

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