Summer Sewing Challenge - Progress


My Summer Sewing Challenge is going swimmingly so far. I have ticked three dresses, two skirts and one pair of pyjamas off my to-sew list for Emerson. Each piece has been made with patterns, fabric, thread, zips and buttons from the stash, most of which were thrifted or gifted. I am on a roll. A little sewing here and there and her Summer wardrobe is coming together. I never imagined that I would be able to sew such things, so I am quite pleased. I put it down to years of watching my Mother sew when I was growing up, great instructions and diagrams in the patterns, and just diving in.

The skirts and dresses have already been put to use paired with tights and cardigans. Another dress (or two), a couple of pairs of shorts and another set of pyjamas and I will be ready to tackle some Summer sewing for Cohen and myself. After taking five months to knit a blanket, sewing a dress in a day is quick and satisfying. Not to mention a little addictive.

And clearly, if I am lacking motivation in future, I need only set myself a challenge.

PS. Is it just me, or how different does my daughter look in each of these photos, taken only a couple of days apart?

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