Working from home with children

Playing with buttons while Mama works

I have found that working from home with children is the perfect way to develop your distraction and interruption management skills! It's also a great way to develop an understanding of your personal patience levels. I am quickly learning when I need to stop and take a break, and when lack of sleep, hunger, or unresolved issues are contributing to the frustration I am experiencing. It is my tendency to set a mental goal and work uninterrupted until I have reached that goal, whether that means missing lunch or staying up late. This is not an option with children! Interruption, distraction and having to walk away are all parts of the process. While working at the bench today I have been listening to Inspiration Bombs and thinking about ways to maintain the balance between mothering, self and working creatively. I decided to see what Google had to offer in terms of advice about working from home with children.

This is the first helpful article I found that wasn't written by a man working from home while his wife was taking care of the children. Rather, it deals with finding a balance between working for short periods of time while your children play independently, and then spending time engaging with your children. Exactly what I needed to read today. And on that note, we are off for a spot of scooting on our lunch break.

Any tips you'd like to add? Whether about working from home, or just getting things done around the house with little ones?

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