8 Little Things

Everyday Adventurer
One For The Pot Pendant
Praying mantis

1. A row here and a row there - a new cardigan by next Winter?
2. New in the shop, Everyday Adventurer Rings in silver or two tone with 9ct gold
3. Watching the sun set from our front deck feels like a little holiday
4. Pickings from my flower bed
5. My dear old cat Seth, who must be about 14 now, and spends most of his day relaxing in above mentioned flower bed. He comes inside smelling of lavender.
6. Roses and lavender, also making my dining room smell amazing
7. A custom ordered One For The Pot as a pendant - now also available in the shop
8. This little mantis came in with the laundry and fascinated Cohen for hours before being released again.

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