Instagram Snippets


1. On one of the worst days I have had recently, where nothing would go right and I could not seem to get myself out of the terrible mood I'd fallen in to, yellow roses, children's naps and cups of tea did the trick.
2. Making beads for the market - so fun and relaxing too.
3. A canvas painted for me by my dear boy. Self portrait, while walking a dog on a path next to grass, with sky, clouds and sun. Heart melts.
4. Blocks of colour and possibility.
5. Tea pot pendants and brooches in progress.
6. Hokey Pokey biscuits with honey instead of golden syrup - because we had run out. Both children approved, as did I.
7. Dinner from the garden - a simple veggie stir fry - quick, delicious and healthy.
8. Wise words from the Brisbane Writers Festival - If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.
9. Strawberries from the garden - we are averaging a punnet every day or two. Sometimes they only make it as far as the outside tap, where little hands rinse them and eat them. The rest of the time they find their way on to our breakfast.


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