Fascinating photography

 : cody & molly
 : dave & joann
 : jen & corey
 : julia & mathew
: mish & colin
All images by Hana Pesut

When I stumbled across the Switcharoo photography project by Hana Pesut, I found the images incredibly engaging. I scrolled through them all, eyes flicking back and forth between each image, accounting for the differences and similarities. Something powerful is revealed by the concept of photographing 'accomplices' in their clothes, and then in each others clothes. Interesting questions about gender, fashion, image and identity are raised with humor in these portraits. How much or how little you derive from the images is left entirely up to the viewer.

Do you find them as engaging?

You can see more of the images here, or purchase Hana's book here.
Found via Flatout Frankie

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