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Sweet Jane Ring - hand formed in wax and cast in Sterling Silver

I have a 'job box' on my bench. It's full of craft paper seed packets which contain sketches, notes, gemstones and/or metal for various projects and repairs. Like my knitting basket, some projects have been sitting in that job box for a long time. Sometimes there is a problem that needs solving before the piece can be finished. Sometimes something is missing. Sometimes the parts just need to be assembled and polished. Sometimes I'm just not happy, but only after letting the piece sit for awhile, and grieving the wasted hours, can I bring myself to melt it down (which is much like frogging in knitting). 

I've been rediscovering some hidden beauty in my job box lately. Such as the ring above, which sat patiently waiting to be cleaned up and polished for years. I had intended to bring it to the FK market with me, but it sold as soon as I posted a photo to Facebook. The new Springdrop and Starry Night Pendants I showed you yesterday were also sitting in my job box since before Emerson's birth. Both just needed assembling and for the stones to be set. Quite honestly, I had forgotten about both of them, and was rather excited to rediscover them.

This week there are pearl necklaces to thread, earrings to finish and tags to make. Then I am going to have another sift through my job box and see what else I have forgotten about.

What have you been making this week?
Do you have a stash of unfinished objects?

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