Handmade Christmas Giveaway! - Closed

This year I am once again making a handmade Christmas pledge -

Where ever I can, I want to make things myself, or buy handmade. In particular I want to support Australian crafters and independent businesses. I love the idea of Christmas. Of traditions, sharing, giving and gathering as a family. But too often all the 'stuff' leaves me with an empty feeling. The plastic toys inside the crackers which will be cleared in to the bin along with the expensive wrapping paper. The 'stocking fillers' which will amuse the little ones for a few days until they are lost or broken and then find their way to landfill too. The toy baskets stuffed with all the new gifts, but no real appreciation for them. Instead I want my money to support the talented crafters whose blogs I follow. 
I want less, with more meaning.

L-R: Deadwood Creative, Bravo Juliet Designs, The Sentimentalist,
Christina Lowry Designs, Paravent,

Instead of wandering the aisles of chain stores, I am clicking on the shop links on my favourite blogs. Instead of browsing markets filled with items made in China, I am browsing through bigcartel stores. There are so many talented makers, I don't think it will be very difficult to swap store brought for handmade. Handmade doesn't have to mean daggy hand painted door stops (unless that's your kind of thing.) Handmade can mean beautiful, original, unique, well crafted. It can mean supporting independent designers, stay at home mothers, self taught artisans, sewers, print makers, jewellers and ceramic artists.
Ouchflower, La De Dah Kids, A Little Vintage Doll,
Curly Pops, Typically Red

In an effort to encourage you to think handmade this Christmas, and to advertise some fantastic makers to make your shopping easier, I invited twelve of my favourtie creatives to join me.
With their generosity, I have created a rather special gift guide that one lucky person will win, just by leaving a comment on this post. 

So tell me, what handmade touches do you like to add to your celebrations?

The winner will be drawn of the first of December, and then has the difficult task of deciding which items to keep and which to place under the Christmas tree. Giveaway open Australia wide. I will be featuring two makers each afternoon on my blog, so be sure to pop back. And please, do check out their lovely online stores, blogs or facebook pages.

I want to be completely transparent and let you know that there is no financial gain in this for me. I am not being paid in products or cash. My aim is to showcase the talents of these wonderful makers and encourage my lovely readers to buy handmade this Christmas. The cost to the makers is the giveaway item and postage to the winner only. I hope to return the support and generosity that I am continually shown by our community. xx

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