Rocky Road Recipe - Christmas Baking


I remember while growing up that one of our Christmas traditions was to make Rocky Road with my Mother. A treat for the family, a gift for teachers, neighbours and friends. I always knew it was nearly Christmas when the fridge was full of Rocky Road, Rum balls and stone fruit. 

It has been years since I made Rocky Road. Have you ever made it? It's simple, quick and too yummy. I made a nut and dairy free version this year, so the children and I could eat it too. Cohen and Emerson are still a bit little to help too much with this recipe, due to the warm chocolate, but I think it would be great for older children. They did however lick the spoon and sample the lollies.

You will need:

1/2 cup of desiccated coconut
1/2 cup of broken up biscuits of your choice ( I used 'Teddy Bear' biscuits)
4 x 100 gram Lindt 70% Cocoa dark chocolate (which is diary free)
1 x packet of 250g marshmallows
1 x packet of lollies of your choice (I used Starburst Babies)
30 grams of copha

Break chocolate in to pieces in a microwave safe bowl. Chop up copha finely and mix through the chocolate. Melt together on medium in the microwave, checking and stirring with a spoon a minute at a time. This takes 2 - 3 minutes.

Stir in the coconut, marshmallows, biscuits and lollies. Tip the mixture in to a lamington tin lined with baking paper. Smooth out and refrigerate for approx. two hours, until firm, then cut in to squares with a sharp knife. Try to resist eating too much...

To make a lovely gift, find an interesting box or a pretty tin and line it with baking paper, fill it with Rocky Road and add a few fun touches. Perhaps decorations or gift tags made by your children? Some stripes of washi tape? Or maybe cellophane and ribbon? The team at Pack Queen provided me with a funky window tin. Perfect for gifting Christmas treats, and a nice size for future use for the receiver. I lined mine with baking paper, cut off the excess paper with pinking shears and tied it with bakers twine and added a small air dry clay heart.

A perfectly sweet Christmas gift!

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