Christmas Wishes

An early Christmas present from Dave. A vintage French, butter and navy coloured, enamel coffee pot, sourced from a market in Paris by 'Parisian Influence'. #vintage #coffeepot #enamel #love

Right now the children are napping, the sheets flap in the breeze, the gifts are ready beneath the tree, a fan slowly shakes it's head in the lounge room and I'm drinking tea, resting, after a morning spent scrubbing and cleaning in preparation for Christmas. I feel happy in a quiet way and blessed in so many ways.

It is the eve of Christmas Eve and I wanted to wish all my dear readers a wonderful, slow Christmas, full of special moments to savour in the months to come. Many thanks for all your kind words and encouragement this beautiful and tumultuous year. May we all have much to be grateful for as this year draws to a close. xx

(Blogger ate this post earlier.)

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