Preparing for the New Year - Business Goals

On the bench tonight- two pairs of silver and Onyx 'Satisfied Mind' drop earrings with Billy's button flower cut outs behind each gem stone. One pair is a custom order (a Christmas gift), the other pair will be in the shop tomorrow. :) #handmadejewellery
Satisfied Mind earrings in Onyx

I'm taking a little break from the bench at the moment, after a frenzy of work leading up to Finders Keepers, The French Market and Christmas. I do believe I have earned a little rest. But while my tools are laying quiet, my pen has been particularly busy as I plan for the year ahead. I'm carrying a notebook with me at all times, and I'm often unable to sleep due to the threads of thoughts running through my mind. I'm feeling incredibly inspired and I'm capturing as many of those ideas as I can.

There was a time where I would have scoffed at writing down my business goals and dreams for the year. It sounded like a deluded waste of time. Surely it was all quite simple, all in my head, or could be worked out as I went along. Those in the know will laugh at my naivety. Those who share my old sentiments, listen up! Grab a pen and a notebook and write yourself a little plan for your business for 2014, and you may very well most certainly will surprise yourself. As I did. There is an ah-hah! moment waiting for you. This may be the very best place to start - The New Years Revolution kit - it is free to down load and prompts you will all the questions you need to consider to start planning a successful 2014 for your business. The other place you need to visit is Jess Van Den's blog, Create and Thrive -  in particular the Planning for your Handmade business in 2014 post.

What I have learnt is that by writing it down and defining my dreams I am better able to understand what I want, where I am heading, and what the step by step process is to get there. It offers me a much greater clarity to see it in black and white, without a jostle of thoughts and distractions. What business decisions are urgent? What ideas can be left to percolate? What order shall I do things? No point getting new business cards printed right before having a logo designed! Which markets will I attend? How long do I anticipate being on 'maternity leave'? Will the shop remain open? Shall I work towards producing two collections, or three? Am I better off investing in advertising, or photography?

2013 saw a mental shift take place in me, where I no longer saw my jewellery making as a hobby, but as a business. That change inspired many others. I truly believe that I can make a profitable small business as a jeweller and a stay at home Mother, while maintaining a happy balance. The keys for me are being organised, not being afraid to ask for what I'm worth, and planning towards the future.

I have big plans for this coming year and I look forward to continuing to share this journey with you!

There are some great resources out there for small creative businesses -
Create and Thrive
Big Hearted Business (I particularly love the Inspiration Bombs)
The Collaborative Happiness Project (in particular the Career posts)
Do What You Love for Life
Business Advice From Creative Business Owners
Design Sponge Biz Ladies

So get reading, get writing and leave a comment or send me an email about your small business plans!

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