Living Creatively

Winding down. Adding stitches, drinking peppermint tea and listening to 'inspiration bombs' care of the lovely @Clarebowditch

I overheard the term 'creative life' recently. It caught at my imagination. It snagged their for days. I pondered the phrase and what it was, perhaps, that the person who uttered it had meant.

To me, a 'creative life' means finding beauty in the small moments of your day and slowing down to appreciate them. From a child's milk mustache, to the reflection in your coffee cup, from weathered paint work to pristine envelope. It means appreciating the ordinary and looking at the details. It means surrounding yourself with a creative community that is inspiring and encouraging. It means allowing yourself time to 'play', experiment, dabble, and seeing where that leads. It might lead no where and that's ok, it might be therapy, it might inspire a whole new project. It means appreciating the creative work of others. It means buying handmade. It means admiring design, innovation and technical skill. It means making, growing, learning, challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. It means reflecting your creative loves in your environment and decorating your home with treasures. An art print. A hand poured candle. A handmade brooch collection. A shelf of craft books. A basket of precious yarn. It means sharing your skills and encouraging others in their creative pursuits. It means teaching others what you know. How to knit. How to make ornaments. How to preserve produce. It means we are all creative, whether we believe it or not, and we can all live creatively if we choose to.

What does a 'creative life' mean to you? 

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