Ideas become things

'Ideas become things.' First piece of a doily inspired collection completed! Really excited to be back at the bench and to be turning my sketches in to Jewellery. (Due for release in time for Mother's Day.) #handmadejewellery #wip #copyright #christinalow
Not helping, but very cute. :) #catsitting #catsofinstagram
Sneak peek... Five copper Masters to be sent off to have rubber moulds made. They will then be cast up in silver and gold. Can't wait to get these pieces back and add the finishing pieces to them! #handmadejewellery #wip #silversmith #thedoilycollection

I have a notebook I often write in, that came with quotes scattered throughout it's pages. I flick past the same quotes many times and usually pay them little attention after their first reading. Then, something in my life gives those words meaning and they suddenly standout to me. 

I've spent a lot of time lately sketching out new ideas and designing new collections of jewellery. Imagining how I will work with the metal, trying to capture the right curve with my pencil, playing with scale, laying awake at night deciding on where best to place a bale, or how to attach an ear wire. I started back at the bench on Monday after having a lovely break with my family, and as I worked to turn those sketches into pieces of jewellery I kept thinking of one of the quotes in my notebook. Ideas become things. How blessedly simple and profound. I've written it above the January planner in my diary as a little reminder for when I'm feeling uninspired or discouraged. Ideas really do become things. 

I have just sent off five of those ideas in the form of Masters, to a precious metals casting company. I will have moulds made of them and then the designs will be cast from the moulds in silver and gold. This collection was inspired by doilies, and each piece will have wonderful, old fashioned, Nanna names. The initial idea has been floating around in my sketch book for awhile. It feels good to be bringing it to life. The finished collection will be in my shop before Mother's Day. Meanwhile, there are more sketches waiting.

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