10 Things I Love

10 things I love. 1 cardigan weather. 2 mismatched plates. 3 fresh sheets. 4 hydrangeas. 5 handmade soap. 6 vintage sewing baskets. 7 old orange spined Penguin classics. 8 thrifted handknits. 9 beach glass. 10 unexpected mail. As tagged by @lovelovelady D
Finding beauty in the everyday. #noticing #beautyallaround #leaves #lookingdown
Gorgeousness 'foraged' on our walk this morning. #flowers #findingbeautyeverywhere

1. Cardigan weather
2. Mismatched plates
3. Fresh sheets
4. Hydrangeas
5. Handmade soap
6. Vintage sewing baskets
7. Old orange spined Penguin classics
8. Thrifted hand knits
9. Beach glass
10. Unexpected mail

Love love lady tagged me on Instagram to share ten things I love. 
Now it's your turn!
Join in, write a list and let me know.

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