A list of goals I'm working on

 It's a rainy, pancake kind if morning, with an eager little helper. #anyexcuseforpancakes #happyfriday
Rainy day progress, with necessary cup of tea. #happysunday #embroidery #aliciapaulson #winterwoodsabc
Tying chillis to dry and flicking through recipes for sweet chilli. Happy Saturday! #homegrown #veggiepatch #chillies
The lovely @belyndahenryartist at her beautiful exhibition opening this evening, at the Anthea Polson Art Gallery. I am so mesmerized by her amazing art. #datenight #exhibitionopening #goldcoast
Some things change. Some things remain the same. Emerson in a Mama made dress licking the beater from the vintage Kenwood mixer my Mother gave me. 30 years ago I was wearing a Mama made dress and licking the exact same beater. #wholeheartedjournal
Sneak peek! I've been working on a handmade sterling silver, white and grey pearl tassel pendant, as part of a collection for Mother's Day. I'm just waiting for my order of black silk tassels to arrive. I think they're going to be very feminine and beauti
I love the challenge of coming up with design ideas for a client's gem - in this case a big, beautiful baroque pearl - and seeing which sketch they respond to. #customdesign #instasmithy #instajewelrygroup
1. Pancake morning 2. My first cross stitch 3. Drying some of our many homegrown chillies 4. Belynda Henry at the opening of her amazing show, Jigsaw 5. Baking with Mama 6. A new work in progress 7. Sketches for a client's pearl

Along with my usual list of goals - to be organised, to make from scratch as many of the things we use as I can, to read two books a month, to make time to craft etc, there is another list I have been thinking about and working on that revolves around the things I want to achieve before baby number three is born - especially given that I am now 31 weeks pregnant and the remaining weeks are going to simultaneously drag and fly by.

- A new collection for release in the store in time for Mother's Day.

In between working on custom orders, client repairs and stock for Finders Keepers, I have been sneaking downstairs for a couple of hours each night to work on a collection of Pearl pieces to be released soon, for Mother's Day. There will be drop pendants, drop earrings, traditionally knotted pearl strands and pearl studs, starting from $45. Sign up to my newsletter to be kept up to date! 

- Stock and display for Finders Keepers Market

I've been staining my wooden display for the market and still have a long list of things to do in preparation for those two days in July. Like making a table cloth big enough for a 1.8 meter table, sourcing a 'credit cards welcome here' sign, ordering more packaging and display boxes, organising insurance and of course, completing all the stock I have planned to bring with me. So very much has been crossed off the list though, thanks in part to Didi, my fantastic intern.

(There is a great interview over here with the founders of the Finders Keepers Market.)

- Nesting: de-cluttering, cleaning and organising our home

Yesterday I tackled Cohen's room while he was at school (best to do these things when they aren't looking!) I filled two garbage bags with broken and outgrown toys, paper, and hoarded 'bits'. I last did this in December, and try to do it at least every few months. I tidied up the book case and toy basket, cleaned the surfaces and windowsill, moved the bed away from the wall and vacuumed the floor and scrubbed the wall too. Going through his closet and chest of drawers for clothes that no longer fit is still on my list. 

Also on my list, my studio. I started the process of de-cluttering and re-organising my space, but I've hit a wall while I wait on a book case and table. In the meantime Emerson is having a wonderful time going through each box.

Emerson's room and my closet are also on the list.

- Baby clothes

I've saved many of the children's baby clothes in boxes and garbage bags in the garage. Some I've lent to friends little ones, but the 'newborn' clothes and those special clothes, that loved ones brought for us, or that I wore as a child, are boxed up waiting to be washed and sorted in preparation for baby. So much washing. One garbage bag at a time.

So, what goals are you working on?
What's on your list?

This post was inspired by Lisa's list of 27 blog topics.

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