Notes From the Workshop

New tools in the workshop - a set of four 'spoon stakes', for forming spoons from metal. Can't wait to play with these and turn my sketches into objects. :) #instasmithy #instajewelrygroup #spoonstakes #jewelleryworkshop
New tools - spoon stakes for the project I mentioned.

Satisfying stacks of new postcards, fresh from the printer. Don't you love new stationary? :) #postcards #ilovestationary
New postcards - I love new stationary.

Stocking up on 'Beryl' pendants for Brisbane Finders Keepers. Six weeks to go, but one week until baby's due date. :) #sentimentalcollection #handmadejewellery #instajewelrygroup #instasmithy #finderskeepers
A production line of Silver 'Beryl' Necklaces in preparation for Finders Keepers.

From the bench - Carnelian and Onyx drop earring progress. Part of a collection of three sets of earrings and a necklace I designed last night. Love running with an idea! #handmadejewellery #instasmithy #instajewelrygroup
Working on a new collection of handmade drop earrings.

"Can I make Jewellery too, Mama?" I love that my five year old wants me to teach him bench skills, and tells me he has Jewellery orders to make. :) #juniorjeweller
My dear Cohen, who keeps asking if he can make jewellery too. How could I say no?

Packaging up sales with a few of my favourite things - washi tape, pinking shears, vintage sewing pattern tissue paper, red and white string, and vintage style jam labels for the bubble mailers. :) #whocanresistbrownpaperandstring
Packaging up orders with a few of my favourite things.

I'm still here, keeping myself occupied in the workshop and waiting for baby. 39 weeks and 3 days today. I really am ready whenever baby is! It's a strange sort of limbo, this waiting business. 

Should baby keep us in anticipation, you can expect to see a few new pairs of earrings in the shop soon. Either way, the shop will remain open, with my sister taking over posting out orders in my absence. Only custom orders will be put on hold until I am ready to pick up my tools again after the birth.

Thanks for all your support and lovely comments here and on instagram lately. I hope to be sharing good news with you all soon. 

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