My view right now, little baby moon face. Thank you for all your kind words. What a healing experience his birth has been for me. Still can't quite believe it. I went in to labour at 7pm after three days of Braxton Hicks contractions, labored at home unti
It's weepy day three for me, and these two inspire happy tears. There will be more tears this afternoon though, as my little one is having his tongue tie snipped, because it is interfering with breastfeeding. Any words of wisdom from Mamas that have been

Introducing Oscar Arlo Allan Lowry
Our 8 pound 7.5 ounce baby boy, who was born at 6.11 am on Tuesday the 27th May, after a beautiful, drug free, natural VBAC.

He is settling in wonderfully, and Cohen and Emerson are doting siblings. I am still on a high after the birth, which was everything I was hoping for. It proved to be a healing experience for me after Cohen's traumatic birth and Emerson's cesarean. I look forward to putting our story in to words and sharing it with you soon. 

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