8 Good Things

1. A napping toddler - with a bed full of cushions, dolls, trains and Octonauts.
2. Home sweet home.
3. Flowers, always flowers, on the dining table.
4. Our rat catcher.
5. My flower covered Camillia, still busting with pink petals.
6. A messy work bench is a busy work bench.
7. The Mulberry tree I got for my 30th birthday was but a stick with a leaf. It is now bigger than our shed and covered in green fruit.
8. Three month old's, who fall asleep like this.

I picked up my camera and walked around the house yesterday, looking at my little world through it's lens, training my eye on the everyday beauty. There was so much to feel grateful for, so much to appreciate. I find I can always do with the reminder.

As my business grows and I become busier and busier making stock for markets and the shop, working on custom pieces, new designs, quotes etc, I have less and less time for other creative pursuits like blogging and knitting. And as my husband and three children occupy the rest of my time, I find there are less moments for relaxing pursuits, like reading and gardening.

What I have come to understand is that I can do everything - just not all at once.

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