Of runny noses and golden rings

New in the shop, Elsa Rings

Last week my poor five year old brought a virus home from school, complete with temperatures, coughing and runny nose. And while my big boy spent a few cabin fevered days inside before returning happily to school, the virus has been much harder on the little ones. My poor three month old and two year old have coughed, cried and clung to Mama throughout the last few nights, and fussed throughout the days. I thought I was handling mothering x three well, until illness struck. Though no matter how many children you have, sickness and broken sleep are no great combination.

In spite of this, there have been stolen moments in the studio. Stock taking and tagging my jewellery, playing with my freshly delivered banner, uploading the newly finished fine, gold Elsa Rings to the shop, and working on BrisStyle market prep. It feels good to do at least one little creative thing each day.

Sneaking in a nap feels pretty good too...

I hope you are keeping well, feeling creative and enjoying some beautiful Spring weather.
I would love to see any Brisbane folk at City Hall this Saturday!
Mention my blog to receive 10% off any full priced stock. xx

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