Capturing childhood

If there's one thing that all parents might agree on, it's that children grow up so quickly. It still amazes me that my first born is at school. And just this week my baby has started solids. Next thing I know all three will be in school. There is no halt to the progress of time, which is both wonderful and bittersweet. There are only memories, and words and images that capture the moments. I had been thinking for some time about getting family photos taken. Nothing formal and matchy matchy, just casual and candid, capturing the moment type photos. Something to add to the photo wall, which heavily features the first born, but not the next two... The thought stayed with me after Oscar was born and my older children suddenly seemed even bigger. 

As luck would have it, everything fell in to place when I realised one of the Mothers I know through Cohen's school is a children's photographer. Exactly the kind of business that I want to support. She understood what I wanted and gave me free reign to choose the venue. So one bright, sunny day we headed to the Beenleigh Historical Village. As we wandered around the old buildings, vintage fire engines, farm equipment and telephone booth, the lovely Trudi joined us with her camera. And it was just what I wanted. No awkward posing. Just my little ones exploring and playing, captured in the moment. With a few photos where I am actually in the shot, rather than behind the camera.

I do believe the third and the last photos are my favourites. Cohen and Emerson currently play a game where they pull a cranky face, as cranky as they can make it, which then makes them laugh. Rather than asking them to smile we asked them to show us their cranky faces, thus preserving this memory. In the last photo, Trudi had given them each a lollipop for being so well behaved and they sat back down and showed each other which colour they had chosen, which made for this sweet shot.

Now to swap out some of the photos in the photo wall.

Thanks so much Trudi Le Brese for your skill and patience, and for helping me to capture this time in their childhood.

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