Owning It

I read a great post by Lisa Congdon recently - On Owning It: I am an Artist. I found myself relating to much of what Lisa wrote; from being a late bloomer in my chosen field, to feeling like an impostor, and finally embracing the experiences that have lead me on this path.

Despite having a Fine Arts/ Visual Arts degree. despite completing a 12 month Vocation course at the Goldsmith school, despite spending years working at the bench in workshops learning from other jewellers, despite the jewellery I had designed, made and sold, despite my workshop full of tools, I still found it difficult to call myself a jeweller, a designer, or an artist. Because despite undertaking an apprenticeship, I wasn't able to finish it before my boss ran out of money, and it left me feeling as if I wasn't a 'real' jeweller. When I left the workforce to have my son, I had really lost my confidence in my skills and ideas.

It took me some time, but it wasn't until I finally shook off the fear of being called out as an impostor and embraced the skills I have gained, that my business began to flourish. My new found confidence gave me the courage to try new things, open new doors and grow my business. To advertise, apply for Finders Keepers, take on an intern, accept commissions.

If my journey hadn't been so varied, I may never have realised that I could start my own business from home and be there while my babies grew up. I would not be setting my own hours, designing my own pieces, and making the pieces I want to make. And as such, being exactly where I want to be and not wishing to change a thing.

So, I'm owning it.

I am an artist.

How about you?

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