Custom Order - Handwritten Pendant

1. The handwritten note, 2. Cutting the design from a sheet of silver
3. Filing and finishing the design, 4. Chain soldered on and ready to be polished
5. The finished piece.

There's two things I really love about custom orders - the challenge and the client's reaction when they see their idea become a 'thing'. Using my skills to bring their ideas to life is so satisfying, and knowing that I have created a piece that means something to them is an even greater reward. When that piece is a lovingly thoughtful gift that's well received, it's even sweeter.

This piece I made recently was very special. My client commissioned a handmade pendant for her sister's 30th birthday, providing a handwritten note from their father, who had passed away when they were quite young. I was so touched to be involved. We worked on turning the biro marks in to a thicker design, I carefully drew, saw pieced and polished the pendant, and showed my client for her approval before I sent it. 

I got little goose bumps when I got a message from her sister to say she cried when she opened her gift and hasn't taken it off since.

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