When an Artist and Jeweller Collaborate

This is the result -

As you may know, I love art and studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts / Visual Arts before becoming a Jeweller. I love collecting art, both originals and prints. I remember I brought my first Belinda Marshall print in 2011. It's hanging in my studio alongside two more of her prints. I am also the proud owner of one of Belinda's original paintings and her latest calender. (Fan girl much?!)
I love Belinda's style and her eye for colour. Her palette is full of richness and subtlety, and her sense of balance and use of texture are rather divine. So you can imagine my excitement when Belinda suggested we collaborate on a limited edition of special pieces. We've been working on this collaboration behind the scenes, with the occasional sneak peek, and now I am super excited to show you the finished pieces!
These five laser cut Beryl necklaces were designed by myself and hand painted by Belinda in her wonderful abstract style and finished with varnish, making them wearable pieces of art. Each is unique and beautiful, and will add colour and style to any outfit.
This collection will be available for sale through my Instagram account tomorrow night at 7pm, Queensland time. I will be listing each piece individually, and the first person to leave their Paypal address on a listing is the winning buyer. (The piece will go to the next on the list, should the first buyer not pay the invoice within 24 hours.)
Each piece is $80 and includes free world wide shipping.
So set an alarm on your phone, double check your Paypal email address (the one which you use to log in) and join me on Instagram @christinalowrydesigns on Saturday night at 7pm (8pm daylight savings time.) If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Thank you, as always, for your continued support and encouragement! And thank you Belinda for this wonderful collaboration!

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