Six Months - Oscar

Antique buoys from The Spring Shop, calligraphy by Didi, Brisbane pennant by Yardage Design, 'War is Over' postcard from Sydney Gallery, owl vase by Sharon Muir.

I know I'm biased because he's mine, but seriously, this little chubby baby is just divine. Oh the cuteness. His smile lights up my days and his laugh is adorable and infectious. Those blue eyes take in everything, and those little hands reach out to grasp everything too. I often find strands of his sister's blonde hair between his fingers, after she has leant in close. He is so cuddly and smells like milk and baby. Those sweet babbled 'words' began one morning recently with 'da da da' coming from his cot. 'Ma ma ma' and 'bub bub bub' followed a few days later. Cohen's first sound was 'da da', while Emerson's was 'ma ma.' 

Oscar continues to roll and turn himself to travel surprising distances on the floor, and has learnt this month to push himself back wards. It won't be long until we are fitting the child gates for the final time. Despite the absolute lack of teeth, he has taken happily to solids and is a fan of mushy food, so we are doing a little baby lead weaning, a little mushy food. He breastfeeds to sleep and is feeding up to three times a night, which is fine as long as I can squeeze in a nap at least once a week! As soon as I lay him down in his bed he pops his thumb in his mouth and his whole little body relaxes. 

There is no end to the dribble and the reflux, but neither seem to affect his general happiness. He's had a few unsettled days, which I tend to attribute to teething. But generally, he is a happy, relaxed little man, who loves being worn in a sling, and only really spends time away from me while I attend a weekly yoga class - one very important hour of 'me time' with three children.

I see quite a few similarities between Oscar and Emerson at 6 months.


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