A Christmas Gift for My Business

I brought a gift for my business and it arrived today; a goose neck steel logo stamp. It's what a jeweller uses to leave their mark on their finished jewellery, and it's something I've for wanted quite a long time. Since before I even had a logo!  I've been playing around with the best way to strike the punch in order to get the clearest impression in the metal. It's quite satisfying. (For those interested, three smaller taps, tipping the stamp from one side to the other, works best. A single heavy strike often misses part of the design or jumps and scratches the metal.) 

The $200 purchase was symbolic of the culmination of a year of hard work, and the way I have focused on growing and branding my business. I'm still in love with the simple, elegant logo Evie designed for me. And perhaps next year I will order another punch, with just CLD, to fit inside finer bands.

In the meantime I am looking forward to stamping new finished designs in the New Year.

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