Create and Thrive: New Year Challenge, 1 - 5

I'm a naturally reflective person, looking back over an experience, lesson or time and processing the thoughts and wisdom gleaned from it. The New Year gives me greater reason for such reflection and encourages brain storming and planning activities. I love sitting with a notebook and diary in front of me, creating goals for each coming month, penciling in new collection releases, holidays, promotions. I have been working my way through Lisa Jacobs' excellent 'Your Best Year Yet' work book and creative planner, and have joined the Create and Thrive 30 Day New Year Challenge too. All of which I find extremely helpful as an independent maker, to really envision and set my goals, reconfirm my direction and enable me to keep going when times get tough.

What's your why? 
I believe in the beauty, meaning and skill of handmade objects over mass produced objects. I value working from home as a stay at home Mother, because my children are my first priority, while creativity is a close second. I am grateful for the freedom, flexibility and satisfaction of being an independent jeweller. But in one word, joy. Making with my hands, running a business, creating personal pieces with a story and connecting with my customers brings me joy.

What is your ultimate business goal for your business? 
This question reminds of another I've been pondering lately - if I knew I couldn't fail I would... Ultimately my business and creative goals include financial security, a shop front and International recognition as an exhibiting jewellery artist.

What is holding you back from reaching your ultimate goal?
I have over come many of my fears since committing myself to building a business. Fear of failing, fear of illegitimacy as an artist, fear of letting go. Now the only things standing between me and my ultimate goals are the time and money to do the work to reach my potential. This is an ongoing journey and I'm in no rush. I have learnt so much from allowing my business and ideas to evolve organically and will continue to do the work to realise my dreams.

What is one word that sums up your plans for your business in 2015?
Consolidate. Last year I focused on growth, branding and creating collections. I learnt much, which will be put in to practice this year. I'm back to work today after my twin sister @noniponyhappy flew home again. I feel refreshed by our holiday and ready to start crossing things off my to do list.

What will your business and life look like this time next year? 
In many ways the same as this year, with a focus on my family, their education, our home and keeping things simple. Growth and success in my business, several workshops taught and two new collections in my store. Feeling satisfied, content and joyful.


Are you a maker and a planner? 
How do you prepare for the New Year? 
What resources are high on your list?
Are you joining in with the challenge?

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