Inspiration - Cressida Campbell

'Interior with Red Ginger' 1998
 'White Waratah' 2000 
 'Interior, Margaret Olley's house' 1992
'Kitchen Utensils' 1993
'Nasturtiums' 2002

I recently discovered the art work of Cressida Campbell, an Australian artist who depicts the grace and beauty of home, and everyday still lifes in order to create timeless works of art. Each piece is carefully crafted, first as a wood cut and then as a hand painted water colour print, of which she will only ever make one copy. The workmanship and skill involved is admirable, and I hope to view one of her works in person to see the effect upon the paper in greater detail.

I find myself repeatedly drawn to art work of this nature - intimate, beautiful, decorative, domestic - like the work of Margaret Olley (who was a friend and mentor to Campbell), and Vida Lahey - both Australian artists. I'm inspired by their talent, style and success of these women.


While searching for these images I found a great interview with Cressida Campbell on Design Files from 2013.

There are many more images of her amazing work on Pinterest.

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