Five years? Oh, my!

Today is my Facebook business pages fifth anniversary!

To celebrate, I have made a new header for my Facebook page and my much loved blog.

I remember when I started my Facebook page, Cohen was just a year old. I had started a blog in 2008 while I was pregnant, in order to document my creative projects and my introduction to motherhood. At the time a friend told me I couldn't just have a blog, I needed a Facebook page too, as that was where people were spending their time online. She said it was a great way for people to find you. Since then 523 people have found me, and we have a lovely little community where everyone nods and smiles at my (attempted) witty comments, and likes my links, pretty pictures and parenting observations.

If not for you my dear reader, I would not still be here five years later, sharing my stories and creativity. I hope you will accept my heartfelt thanks for every time you have clicked over to my blog or Facebook. For every comment, like and share. For every bit of advice and inspiration you have given me. I have grown up so much since starting this blog. I know so much of that has to do with finding this community, becoming a mother, making a space to express my creativity, and building a business with my hands. Thank you once again.

Here's to another five years! xx

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