Art Deco Darling

I had the pleasure of making this darling ring recently. Simple, geometric and striking, this custom ring came from a design idea the client had for the gemstones from three meaningful rings she didn't wear. 

As you can see from the sketches and the first pieces of the ring, I made some changes as I went along, swapping out the flat top plate for a rounded top plate with an opening beneath to add interest. I also increased the thickness of the top plate to make it more substantial and balanced. The Diamond setter I use did a fantastic job of setting the Diamonds and Sapphire in this piece and applying that sweet mill grain edge. It really completes the vintage look and softens those straight lines a little.

I really love this ring! It's the kind of piece that you could wear everyday as a right hand ring, or an Engagement ring. It was very well received by it's new owner, which made my heart swell with pride. And just a little heads up, there will be a few more Art Deco custom order rings to come soon.

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