Squeezing In Creativity

My how the days roll by, dissected by school pick ups and drop offs, divided again by groceries, laundry. dishes, cooking, errands, amongst the priorities of a 9 month old, a three year old and a six year old. What a busy season of life we are in, this beautiful family of mine. 

At times my days feel like they are merely a repetition of chores. I'm not complaining. Just observing. There is just always so much to 'do' to as a Mother, some weeks it seems as if it's all I do. I feel that that's why I squeeze in as much creativity as possible. A moment here with a cup of tea and blog post, a moment there stopping to take a photo, an afternoon here working at the jewellery bench, an evening there drawing in my sketch book. There are no great swathes of uninterrupted time to devote to creativity in the life of a stay at home Mother. No thought or project that isn't interrupted by the demand of a drink, the changing of a nappy, the cry of an offended sibling. 

But there are moments, hours, afternoon and evenings, here and there, now and then, where one must squeeze in as much as possible, to balance out the satisfying monotony of a life well lived.

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