Working From Home

My work schedule has changed lately. As you may know, I work from home around my children. And while I used to work at the bench at least two days a week, now the baby is older it has gotten that much harder to keep my two little ones occupied in the workshop while I work. The days of them both sleeping at the same time seem to be behind me too. Instead, I find I am working on the business side of things during the day - placing orders, paying bills, answering emails, marketing and updating the shop - between the of building Lego, the making of snacks and the changing of nappies. My bench time now happens after all three children are in bed. Which is fine, until a week of teething leaves me crawling in to bed not long after the children, and my to-do list starts to get out of control.

I'm torn at times. I imagine how much jewellery I could make if I just had one or two days to myself. If I put my little two in childcare while my big boy is at school. Then I remind myself that the whole purpose of my working from home is that I get to be home with them. With that, I am content again. Content to make as much as I can, in the pockets of time that I have, and allow the business to grow as much as it can for now. I know there will be time. These years before school are so swift. In no time at all Emerson, and then Oscar, will be following Cohen to school and I will have more time to spend at the bench. In the meantime I want to enjoy this season. Make trips to the library. Walk to the park. Paint pictures. Read stories. Picnic on the grass. Drink pretend tea. Build up blocks. Knock them down. And answer pretend phones.

I'm so grateful that I get to follow my heart and express my creativity. I'm so thankful for all the support I get in doing just that - from each comment, each like, each purchase - thank you so much.


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