Living Your Bliss

1. Dandelion clocks and cute dresses
3. New packaging
5. Work for the week on my bench
6. Gathering up sketches on scraps of paper and drawing them in to my sketchbook

I was reading Conversations with Creative Women and one paragraph in particular spoke to me, so much so that I copied it in to my diary. 

"everyday is an occasion to celebrate your creativity. Creativity does not just mean making a piece of art or a handmade card, creativity to her means designing your life just the way you want it to be, and living your bliss."

What beautiful words to inspire gratitude, contemplation and dreams. I spent the day considering the many ways I am living my bliss, and what I could change to achieve such a goal.

Lately I feel like I really am living my bliss. A renewed sense of freedom now that bubba is one and not so heavily reliant on me alone, a balance between home, family and business, acceptance of the things I can not change and a sense of fulfillment in the paths I've chosen.

I hope you are living your bliss too!

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