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I've been listening to an audio book once again, while adding rows to this garter stitched cot blanket. Not my usual choice of novel, 'The Rosie Project' was a book club obligation, and one that took me awhile to warm to. It's been wildly popular, apparently, so you may not like my assessment of it. I really wanted to love it. A friend's Nana recommended it to me with such joy at a children's party, and it sounded wonderful. But I just couldn't. It is still not my kind of book. I can't put my finger on what it was exactly - the predictability, the cliched rom-com moments, the make-over? Parts were charming, as was Don, the main protagonist. Though I found elements of his character difficult to digest. I enjoyed the idea of a neurologically diverse novel, though I wondered at the accuracy on several occasions. 

There is a follow up book, but I have decided to leave it to the adoring fans and find something else to knit to. 


What have you been reading or knitting?
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