Meeting Pip!

I'm right in the midst of a miserable cold at present, surrounded by tissues and cups of tea, and three sniffly nosed, fussy little people. Yesterday though, before the cold was released upon my household, I was blissfully unaware of my runny nosed fate. Rather, I was enjoying a day out in the City, where I met Pip Lincoln!

After following her blog for years, she was exactly as I had imagined her to be. I would very much like to discuss this little outing at length, but the constant sneezing and pressure in my head make even these few sentences difficult to write in a comprehensible manner. (How I miss cold and flu tablets while breastfeeding.) In brief, the lovely Kirsten was in conversation with Pip at the Brisbane library yesterday. While my husband kept Cohen, Emerson and Oscar amused at the Botanic Gardens, I joined 100+ women in listening to the insights and inspirations of one of the first bloggers I ever started reading. The Pip and Kirsten touched on topics from craft to confidence, blogging to business, inspiration to idea generation. It was such a thrill to be in a room full of like minded women and to finally meet Pip. I gushed quickly as she signed my book and recognised my name. Then it was time to join my family in the gardens.

I really enjoyed the talk and was excited to buy her book. I wrote a quote from the chat in my notebook, "dig deeper in to who you really are and enjoy being yourself." As a result of declaring today a sick day, I was able to stay in my pyjamas and read most of Craft for the Soul. And honestly, if you are a creative type, if you love Pip's blog, or you are looking for a shot of inspiration, you will love this book!


PS. Back in 2010 Pip did a blog tour and posted a tutorial on my humble blog, over here.

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