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solitaire Yelena Brysenkova

While wandering around Pinterest, I discovered the oh so beautiful work of Yelena Brysenkova. The Russian born - American based illustrator has a whimsical style with planes of flat colour, a muted palette and a deliciously skillful use of pattern. If there is a familiarity about her work it is perhaps because she has illustrated for the likes of flow magazine, the frankie calendar and has twice been featured on Design Sponge

The collection above, entitled solitaire, is my very favourite. (I am also enamored with the likes of cat nap, house plants and the Romeo and Juliet concertina book.) The subject matter draws me to these pieces. I can relate to these cat loving, book reading, dancing ladies as they reflect precious moments in my own day to day. I can even imagine a depiction of a girl at a jewellery bench, or a Mama feeding her baby to sleep. 

As mentioned on Design Sponge,Yelena credits studying in Prague with influencing her colour palette and "appreciation for precious, friendly, and quietly beautiful things." Indeed, precious and quietly beautiful are such apt ways to think about her lovely work. 

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