A Day Trip

I've been soaking up time spent with my twin sister this week. Squeezing in as much as possible during her stay before she heads back to chilly Canberra. There has been gallery visits, temple wanderings, late nights spent chatting over wine, as well as her PhD graduation. Today the children and I joined her on a day trip to Toowoomba to visit family. Our jaunt took on a magical quality as we drove up the mountain and in to the fog blanketing the Range. 

I've never driven through such fog before. It seemed almost exotic, given that I live in a neighbourhood that never sees frost and seldom sees a decent fog. (It's amazing how very different the weather can be a two hour drive from home.) We found our way to the Danish Flower Art market, a rambling set of buildings bursting with beads, gourds and flowers, surrounded by grassy paddocks where guinea fowl, ducks, chickens and peacocks are free to wander. The soft light, misty haze and lush greens made for postcard perfect scenery. The children and I were tempted to set up house in the cabin style cubby and stay forever. I brought a bunch of long, dried poppy flowers wrapped in paper as a souvenir, which now grace an enamel teapot in my lounge room. A beautiful reminder of a happy day. 

It was such a lovely day, despite the very long drive home with three very tired children...

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