Conquering Creative Block

I'm always trying to better understand my own creative process. Creativity is never constant. It comes and it goes. You can train yourself to turn it on when you need to - like designing to a brief for a customer. But when it kicks in on it's own time, those are the precious time when my mind starts spilling over with ideas and my main aim is to catch as many on paper as possible before that tap switches off again.

I cherish those creative streaks. I believe that feeding your creative self is the first way to make sure that well doesn't run dry. Keep consuming new books, blogs and podcasts that excite you. Make contact with other creatives. Take time to make things unrelated to your creative field. Visit galleries and museums. Fill your bucket with pebbles each time you nourish your creative self and eventually that bucket will over flow and all your authentic ideas spill out.

And so it has been lately. I have been reading books like Lisa Messenger and Sophia Amoruso, I have joined The Thriver Circle, and as a result I have critiqued and revamped my online shop, I have designed my next three collections, I have been planning my next two photo shoots with my photographer, I have purchased a new collection of gemstones, and I have been taking notes and sketching ideas and planning blog posts constantly. Once the flow begins to peter out, it is time to truly get to work making all those ideas a reality.

This week my bench time is reserved for resizing a pair of custom made engagement rings, hand making a pair of while gold wedding rings, and crafting a white gold sapphire and diamond pendant to match a custom made ring I made earlier in the year. Then I will be back to working on my latest collection - gents wedding rings - and planning the photo shoot, location, model etc. I can't wait!

The key to conquering creative block? I think it is to love what you are doing, and feed your creative self!

Here's to a creative week! xx


Photos by Trudi Le Brese.
Model: Harriet McAtee

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