New In The Shop - Wedding Rings

How many times have you been searching for something in particular and though you couldn't describe it, you knew you would know it when you saw it? Like the perfect pair of shoes to match an outfit. The right bedspread for your bedroom. A gift for a loved one. After thirteen years in the jewellery industry I have found it's the same for wedding rings. 

So many people are a bit lost in the woods when it comes to choosing a wedding ring, but when they see the right one, they know it! I've custom made many wedding rings over the years, working on the design with the client. But to make the process easier, I have created a collection of wedding rings and listed them in my store. Each is available to be custom ordered in your chosen metal (Silver, 9ct or 18ct, White, Yellow or Rose gold), your chosen width and finger size. I've listed several combinations of metal and widths in the store, but as the combinations are endless, you need only contact me for a quote on your desired design. The addition of Diamonds, gemstones or engraving are also possibilities when creating a wedding ring that you will love wearing and which says something about you and your love.

Browse the new collection here and get in contact with me by emailing me at I would love to take the confusion out of choosing a wedding ring and create a unique, handmade ring, just for you.

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