A Golden Pearl with a Golden Leaf

The raw materials

Rolling the silver to shape

The ring formed up and ready to be shaped

Checking the depth of the setting

 With the addition of the 9ct gold leaf

 Ready to be polished and for pearl to be set in place

Sometimes a job just flows from start to finish. There are no complications. Just a calm and joyful sense of achievement at each step of the process, as you channel years of learning and practice in to the making of an item. And so it was yesterday, making this beautiful pearl ring for a client. 

She had emailed me an inquiry about creating a piece for a Golden South Sea pearl that she had brought on her travels. I asked a few questions about what she had in mind, I sketched a few ideas and gave her a quote. She gave me further direction on the design and I produced a few more sketches, then she selected the design you see before you.

I love that technology gives me the opportunity not only to work from home and sell online, but also to work with clients all over Australia, and even all over the world, to produce custom made pieces.

This ring came together seamlessly yesterday during the babies nap time, and then after dinner. The customer has already given me her approval, as I sent her these progress shots as I went so she could see her piece being made. So today I need only polish it up, and glue the pearl in to place, before sending it off to its new home.

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