Every Piece A Story

'History Class' Signet Rings

Every custom made piece of jewellery has a story. As my client and I discuss the design of a piece, they share that story with me. I believe that connection is the basis of a handmade business like mine. The reason one chooses to work with an artisan over a big box store. To share those stories, connect in recognition of shared experiences and create a piece celebrating that story. My clients appreciate the hand of the artist too.They care about me, my business, what I stand for. Together, with my technical skills and their imaginations, we bring a piece to life. 

Being the sentimental girl that I am, I love being involved in creating meaningful pieces that celebrate milestones, relationships or family. Each of the rings above is a beautiful, sentimental reminder that can be worn everyday in memory and celebration. Handmade and hand engraved using traditional skills, here in Brisbane. Simple and elegant.

Almost every piece of jewellery has a story. Look at the pieces you are wearing now and think about the stories behind them. Perhaps, like my sister, you wear your Great Grandmothers wedding ring? Perhaps your earrings were a birthday gift from someone special to you? Maybe you designed that right hand ring to celebrate an anniversary and there is a special message inside?

Take a moment to share the story of one of your favourite pieces of jewellery in the comments. I would love to hear them. xx

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