Refilling the Well

There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to keep everything up to date lately, and get some time to myself. There are so many dishes, so much laundry, children who need feeding, bathing, entertaining and help with homework. It's so easy to leave myself to last and end up with no time of my own each week. Rather than rush around multitasking and wearing myself out, I have taken the opposite approach lately, looking for little ways to build in me-moments each day. 

Besides scheduling in Yoga once a week and going regardless of how I feel (I always feel better afterwards!) I have been slowing down, reading Ellie's A Week Of Slow, and carving out time each day to spend as I please. I find it so easy to keep going and doing what I think I 'should' be doing, thinking I will stop once I am 'done'. Only, I am never done. I clean the dishes and more appear, I tidy the lounge room and toys creep straight back out again, I sweep the floor and the baby throws his dinner as far as his chubby fists will allow. 

But one must re-fill the well. So I treat myself to a Frankie Country Style mag. I reward myself with a cup of tea. I write my morning pages after school drop off. I sit with my Drawing Journal and draw, just because. And it helps. 

How do you refuel after giving so much of yourself?

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